Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your Residence and Landscaping

Landscape lighting is very popular, and with good reason.  If you're having an outside party or a barbecue, or simply want to sit out in the spring or summer, discreet garden lighting is practically essential.  In the winter too, eye-catching lighting is a good way of celebrating the holiday season.  And at any time of year, landscape lighting can have security benefits as well.  We also provide the same kind of outdoor lighting services to businesses and tenement buildings.

Whatever indoor or outdoor lighting you decide upon, it's essential to use qualified licensed electricians.  Outdoor lights, cables, and fittings are subject to the extremes of weather - not to mention a high level of general wear and tear.

Services we offer include installing new or replacing existing indoor and outdoor electrical components, lamps, GFI protected receptacles, motion and PV sensor lights.

For indoor and outdoor lighting systems services, please contact us.